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Petronas Twin Towers is located at the heart of the capital city of Kuala Lumpur and at 451.9M and 88 floors is known to be Asia’s tallest twin buildings. Officially opened on August 31, 1999, the towers contain a complex of office buildings, conference halls, a park and an up-market shopping complex, known as Suria KLCC. The towers are adjoined by a sky-bridge on the 41st and 42nd floors of each tower. The bridge is 170 m (558 ft) above ground and 58 m (190 ft) long, weighing 750 tons.

The Sky Bridge tour is available where you can enjoy a panoramic city view below. The entire tour will take approximately 10 minutes. To beat the queue, the best time to go would be early in the morning. Tickets are free of charge and handed out on a first-come-first-serve basis. You are even able to choose the tour time when you get the tickets.

Opening Hours:

The Skybridge ticket counter opens at 8.30am
Visiting hours are from 9.00am to 5.00pm, Tuesday – Sundays.

Getting There

By car or taxi: 15 minutes by car from the hotel
By train: Putra LRT which stops right at KLCC station.


Strategically located smack in the heart of the city and at the foot of Petronas Twin Towers. Its strategic location and accessibility by subway trains makes it a popular shopping destination for both upper class locals and tourists. Suria KLCC has 6 levels of retail outlets, offering an array of goods and services to please and pamper the needs of shoppers; from fashion, entertainment, arts & culture to local delicacies and international gourmets. For international visitors, there’s the Tourist Privilege Card which grants cardholders discounts and incentives at participating outlets within the mall.

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm

Getting There

By car or taxi: 15 minutes by car from the hotel
By train: Putra LRT which stops right at KLCC station.


Petaling Street or known as Chinatown among tourists is the centre of Kuala Lumpur's original Chinatown. The entire street is closed to traffic during the afternoons as traders set up stalls and is well known for its extensive selection of stalls and bazaars selling various kinds of products ranging from handbags, watches, clothes, caps, shoes, sunglasses, fabrics and even souvenirs. Food is plentiful here with scrumptious varieties to choose from; some of the restaurants here have been in business for generations. Another distinct feature of this busy street is its jewelry stores selling a range of fine and skillfully crafted jewelry mostly made out of gold. This market place is also a place to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, poultry and even seafood.

Opening Hours: 10.30am – 12.00am (approx)

Getting There: 10 minutes by car from the Hotel


Merdeka Square is one of the most important historical landmarks in the history of Malaysia. Merdeka means Independence and the square is situated at the centre of the city. It is close to the Gombak River, Masjid Jamek, Central Market and Chinatown. A 100 metre-high flagpole rising from the square is one of the tallest in the world, and marks the spot where the Malayan Flag was raised on August 31, 1957 signifying the independence of the country from British rule. It used to be the focal point of KL and the field was the venue for police parades & cricket matches. It is now a beautifully landscaped area with gardens, terraces, fountains and a popular spot for photography. It is also a venue for national events (marathons, concerts) and street parades.

Getting There: 5 minutes by car from the Hotel


Jalan Masjid India is a popular road in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The road is named after the famous mosque, Masjid India, which means, Indian Mosque. The streets are lined with an array of goods from colorful sarees to jewelry, food to fabrics. The place draws huge crowds during the weekends and before major festive seasons such as the holy month of Ramadan you will be delighted by the assortment of food on sale. There are also a number of restaurants serving a variety of cuisine, from Malay to Indian and Mogul dishes. Little India is exciting, vibrant and the place is absolutely alive with colors!

Opening Hours: Shops are generally open from 10:00am - 9:00pm

Getting There: 5 minutes walk from the Hotel


Masjid Jamek is acclaimed to be the oldest mosque in Kuala Lumpur and is located at the convergence of the Klang and Gombak Rivers. The mosque was built in 1907 and opened in December 1909. It features three elegant domes which dominated the KL skyline long before the emergence of other skyscrapers. The three domes covering the prayer hall consist of the central dome measuring 21.3 metres in height flanked by two lower domes. Commonly known as the Friday Mosque, Masjid Jamek receives loads of people who come for their ritual prayers on Friday. A visit to Jamek Masjid would be an enlightening experience.

NOTE: As you're heading for a mosque, remember to wear full-body covering attire.

Opening Hours:

Saturday to Thursday: 8.30am to 12.30pm and 2.30pm to 4pm.
Friday: 8.30am to 11am and 2.30pm to 4pm

Getting There: 5 minutes walk from the Hotel


Officially opened in 1996, the KL tower is located in the heart of the Golden Triangle- KL's business and entertainment district. The Tower, standing at 421 metres tall, is the 5th tallest tower in the world. It was established as a telecommunication tower to improve the quality of telecommunications and broadcasting transmissions. The Menara Tower is adorned with designs that reflect the Malaysian Islamic culture. The main attraction within the Menara Tower is the observation deck where you can get panoramic views across the City of Kuala Lumpur. The rest of the tower below has a stairwell and a lift which enables you to reach the upper area. The upper area contains a revolving restaurant where visitors can get beautiful views across the City while they dine.

Entrance fees are:

Children(4-12 years old): MYR3
Senior citizens (55 years and above): MYR6

Adult: MYR20
Children(4-12 years old): MYR10
Senior citizens(55 years and above): MYR17

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 9.00am - 10.00pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays: 9.30am - 10.00pm

Getting There: 20 minutes by car from the hotel


Central market was built in 1888 and was the largest fresh food market in the city. Originally there was a wet market over here, which grew in size until it became a permanent place accommodating a large number of retail outlets and stalls. Central Market today is a cultural centre-cum-shopping mall and is one of the best places to witness first-hand Malaysian culture, arts and craft. A variety of goods are sold here, including handicrafts, souvenirs and art, all at reasonable prices. Central Market remains one of the best places in the city to watch cultural performances over the weekend with their show timing to be around 7.30pm. There is an open air stage that serves as the regular venue for traditional and contemporary dance as well as musical concerts. There are also a number of restaurants & cafes in and around central market as well as a food court on the 2nd floor selling local & international dishes.

Opening Hours: Daily from 10am to 10 pm

Admission: Free

Getting There: 10 minutes by car from the hotel


Located within the vicinity of Jalan Bukit Bintang and Kuala Lumpur's central business district, Berjaya Times Square is the one place that gathers under one roof shopping, dining, entertainment and leisure. The gigantic mall has more than 1,000 retail shops and 65 food outlets to suit many. This mall also has one of the largest indoor Theme Park’s, Cosmo’s World, in Asia, with 14 rides in total including the 800m long ‘Supersonic Odyssey’ roller coaster, the 30m high ‘Spinning Orbit’, the swinging ‘Space Attack’ and the human ‘DNA Mixer’. There is also Golden Screen Cinema with 9 Cineplexs that screen the latest blockbuster movies. One must also experience Malaysia’s first-ever IMAX 2D & 3D theatre which is located on the 10th Floor. The mall also houses the biggest ‘Borders’ bookstore in Malaysia where many latest books and titles can be found.

Opening Hours: Daily from 10am to 10 pm

Getting There: 20 minutes by car from the hotel


The Bukit Bintang area is at the meeting of three main roads: Jalan Bukit Bintang, Jalan Pudu and Jalan Sultan Ismail. Some of the city’s major shopping centres can be found here, fulfilling every budget and need, from premium malls to specialty outlets. The major shopping complexes that are located here are Starhill Gallery, Sungai Wang Plaza, Bukit Bintang Plaza, Lot 10, Low Yat Plaza and Imbi Plaza. They house an average of 450 shops per mall for endless shopping on clothes, high-tech electronics, perfume and other goods. There are a number of hotels and restaurants located in the area, as well as hawker food stalls which provide cheap dishes in a laidback and usually open atmosphere.

Bukit Bintang is a hotbed for nightlife entertainment and recreation. The most prominent area for nightlife is Bintang Walk, which starts from one end of Lot 10 shopping mall and stretches all the way to the Marriot Resort on the other.

Opening Hours: Daily from 10am to Midnight

Getting There:

By car:20 minutes by car from the hotel
By train: Monorail, Bukit Bintang Station


Located in the natural surroundings of the Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens and occupying 30,000 square meters, the Islamic Arts Museum is Southeast Asia’s largest museum of Islamic art. The museum houses more than 7,000 artifacts, as well as an exceptional library of Islamic-art books. The museum has 3 levels comprising of 12 galleries that are designed in a domestic Islamic architectural style. The art objects on display range from the tiniest pieces of jewelry to one of the world’s largest scale models of the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca. These three galleries serve as representations of the diversity of Islamic peoples and the multi-cultural heritage of Malaysia.

Opening Hours: Daily from 10am – 6pm

Admission Fee:
Adult 12MYR
Children 6MYR
**Tickets are charged at MYR10 & MYR5 respectively when the Special Galleries are closed.

Getting There: 15 minutes by car from the hotel


Lake Garden Park

Lake Garden Park is Kuala Lumpur’s oldest and most popular park, it encompasses 91.6 hectares of lush greenery. It is located where the British elite used to build their fine homes in the colonial times. Lake Gardens offers locals and visitors a wide range of facilities such as playgrounds, jogging tracks, exercise stations and rowing boats while other attractions within the park include a bird park, a butterfly park, and more.

Butterfly Park

The KL Butterfly Park is home to more than 6,000 butterflies of 120 species which roam and fly freely in a simulated natural rainforest environment. This landscape comprises of flowers, fruit plants and some rare herbs essential to the diet and pollinating activities of the butterflies. It also includes more than 15,000 plants from 100 species that have been used to recreate a Malaysian rainforest atmosphere. There is a nursery and breeding area for the butterflies. There is also a souvenir shop near the exit selling lots of local handicrafts and framed butterflies and beetles.

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 9am to 5pm

Admission fees: MYR5 for adults and MYR1 for children.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

Known as the "The World's Largest Free Flight Aviary", the KL Bird Park was established in 1991 and is home to more than 3,000 birds from approximately 200 species of local and foreign birds. Nature lovers can have a wonderful day watching colorful sights and the melodic sound of birds perching and winging about freely while enjoying the natural and beautifully landscaped surroundings. KL Bird Park is an ideal place for family and friends and even company outings.

Opening Hours: Daily 9am - 6pm

Whether you want to roam through aviaries at the Bird Park and Butterfly Park, Lake Gardens is beautiful place to relax and unwind yourself.

Getting There: 20 minutes by car from the hotel


Located to the north of Kuala Lumpur, Batu Caves is a limestone hill and is considered as a sacred place for the Hindus in Malaysia. It consists of three main caves and a number of smaller ones. The Caves are made of Limestone, measuring 400 meters long, and 100 meters in height & these caves are believed to be 400 million years old. To reach the cave, rock stairs of 272 steps must be climbed. Because of the high temperature, moisture, and numerous macaque monkeys this ascend is strenuous!

The biggest cave is the Cathedral cave, and it is here where you will find a Hindu Temple.
This is a very sacred place for the Malaysian Hindus and is their focal point for the Thaipusam Festival, which attracts 1.5million people. The 2,000 m long cave contains a large number of endemic cave animals. The last cave, the gallery cave is located at the foot of the caves featuring clay figurines and wall paintings depicting scenes and figures from Hindu mythology.

Distance from the hotel: 1 hour by car


Officially opened in 1999, the Sepang International Circuit is located 85km from Kuala Lumpur city centre and is home to the Malaysian leg of the Formula One World Championship and World Motorcycle Grand Prix. Measuring 2.7km in length, the track features nine turns with access speed of more than 130km/h. It is easily accessible via highways and railway links and it is an ideal place for international events.

Circuit tours are available but only with advanced notice. However, walk-in visitors can visit the Mall Area and the Welcome Center.
Visiting hours are from 9:00am - 6:00pm daily.

Distance from the hotel: 2 hours 15 minutes by car


Genting Highlands, a magnificent city on the hilltop, is a mere 50km from Kuala Lumpur. It offers a cool break in an hour’s drive and is an ideal place to pamper & re-charge your batteries. There are six hotels in Genting Highlands Resort as well as serviced apartments and residences. Genting Highlands has two theme parks, an indoor and outdoor park that includes over 50 fun rides, 150 outlets (comprising 80 dining and 70 shopping outlets). Genting Highlands is also home to the only casino in Malaysia that has been used as the backdrop for many popular Asian and Hollywood films. The highlands are further enhanced and complimented by a superb range of facilities such as the longest cable car system in Southeast Asia and the Arena of Stars which can accommodate 6,000 people for concerts often featuring international artistes.

Distance from the hotel: 2 hours by car



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